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How To: Test your home for radon

Radon is the second-leading cause of cancer. You can't smell it, see it or taste it but it might be present in your home. We will show you how to see if there is a dangerous amount of radon in your home. Test your home for radon.

How To: Make a home emergency kit

If an emergency arises, will you be prepared? Emergencies can happen anywhere and any time. That's why it pays to be prepared, even in the comfort of your own home or apartment. Find out everything you need to make a home emergency kit.

How To: Call 911 in case of an emergency

In this emergency preparedness video series, learn what to do when you need to call 911, or even if you call by accident. Our expert, an experienced 911 dispatch operator, Jill Maglione, will tell you what the most important information you need to give is, why you need to give your address, why you may be asked to stay on the line, how to get to the point about what type of emergency you have, how to teach kids to use 911, how to report a car accident, and more tips you need for emergency pr...

How To: Secure your home

In these home security and safety videos, learn how to upgrade your house in some important ways. Our expert, Jon Olson, will show you how to secure your windows and sliding glass doors, some of your home’s most vulnerable entries, with bar locks. Learn how to install a door guard latch to keep small children from getting out, as well as a peep hole to see who’s at the front door. Finally, get some important fire safety tips and learn how to install smoke detectors for your home.

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