How To: Choose and place a fire extinguisher

Choose and place a fire extinguisher

Bob and Leslie of the Washington Township Fire Department demonstrate how to choose the right fire extinguisher for your home. Fire extinguishers come in a large range of sizes so be sure to choose one that you can easily handle. If it's too heavy you won't be able to use it properly. Fire extinguishers are labeled according to the type of fire they are used on. A is for ordinary combustibles such as wood or paper; B is for flammable liquids such as gas, grease or oil; and C is for electrical equipment like a toaster. The most commonly used for the home is the ABC, which works on all three types of fires. You will notice some extinguishers have a plastic top; these can only be used once and must be discarded. The ones with the metal top can be refilled and last for many years with some simple maintenance procedures. However, they do deteriorate over time and should be replaced every five to seven years. Mark the date of purchase with a permanent marker so you don't forget. You should have a fire extinguisher readily available on every level of your home. In the kitchen mount it on the wall or the inside of a cabinet door, not under the sink. Finally, if your community offers fire extinguisher training, take advantage of it so you will know what to do when you need it.

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