How To: Put out a fire with a standard foam extinguisher

Put out a fire with a standard foam extinguisher

WhatHappensNow talks with Edina Minnesota Fire Marshall Tom Jenson who explains how to properly use a fire extinguisher. During the video Tom briefly offers a helpful tip, suggesting to remember the P.A.S.S. acronym when it comes to using a fire extinguisher. P stands for pull, your first step having to pull the pin that holds the extinguishers lever in place. The letter A stands for aim, the second step having you aim the nozzle of the extinguisher at the fire. The third letter S stands for squeeze, having you squeeze the lever in order to discharge the chemical from the extinguisher. And the last letter S stands for sweep, your final step having you sweep the spray from the extinguisher across the base of the fire. Tom also explains why you should never aim at the top of the fire, always at the base of flames.

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