How To: Safely put out a cooking fire

Safely put out a cooking fire

Every fire needs three things to burn: heat, oxygen, and fuel. As long as those three things are met, the fire will persist. If you are cooking with grease and a fire starts, you must react fast. Grab an oven mitt, find the lid that fits the pan, and smother the fire. Slide the cover over the pan to cut off the oxygen, and turn off the burner. Do not add water, as that may help the fire spread. Do not lift the lid, as oxygen may rekindle the flame. Leave the pan alone until it is completely cooled. Never try to carry the pan to the sink or outside, or it may burn up again or splash grease around. If you have a safe way out and everyone else is out of the building, and if the fire is spreading, call the fire department OUTSIDE of the building. Do not stay inside to make the call.

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