How To: Make an emergency oil lamp

Make an emergency oil lamp

Impress your friends when camping by bringing your own makeshift oil lamp!

Perfect for blackouts, camping, or even creating ambiance, keeping an oil lamp around is a handy idea.

Warning: Place oil lamp in a safe location away from children and pets.

Step 1: Prepare the wick holder

Coil the wire around the nail several times to form the wick holder. The wick holder should be slightly below can height. Remove the nail, leaving the last coil wider so that it can stand up by itself.

Step 2: Thread the wick

Thread the cotton material or string inside the wick holder and trim it so that it stands about one quarter inch above the wick holder.

Step 3: Insert the wick

Insert the wick inside the middle of the tuna can.

TIP: You can substitute a tuna can with any empty can, a glass, or even a bowl.

Step 4: Fill with oil

Fill the can with the cooking oil to about one inch below the top of the wick. For added safety, place the can inside a ceramic bowl.

TIP: You can reuse leftover vegetable or olive cooking oil for your lamp.

Step 5: Light the wick

Light the wick and enjoy the warm glow.

Did you know? The earliest oil lamps were made of pottery and first appeared in Israel during the Neolithic Period.

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