How To: Deter burglars

Deter burglars

Burglary is common, but is also quite preventable with these tactics.
You Will Need
* A dog
* Motion detector lights
* A security system
* Strong doors
* Impact-resistant doors and windows
* Neighborliness
* A wooden dowel

Step 1: Get a dog
Get a dog. Even small dogs will bark and create noise that a burglar will want to avoid.

Sleep with your car keys next to your bed. If you hear someone trying to break in, hit the car alarm button.

Step 2: Install motion detectors
Install motion detector lights outside of your home.

Lock your doors and windows when leaving home, and make sure your curtains and blinds are shut.

Step 3: Install security system
Install a security system that suits your needs and budget.

Step 4: Install strong doors
Install strong doors and make sure they are properly mounted with the hinges inside.

Step 5: Install impact-resistant glass
Install impact-resistant glass on all doors and windows.

If impact-resistant glass is out of your price range, a wooden dowel will keep windows from being pried open.

Step 6: Be a good neighbor
Maintain good relationships with your neighbors and ask them to pick up newspapers and flyers when you are away.

Step 7: Use your police department resources
Use resources available at your police department, such as information on burglary prevention and advice about what to do in your neighborhood.

Fact: Burglars spend no more than four to five minutes trying to break into a residence.

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