How To: Prevent home invasions

Prevent home invasions

Keep you and your family safe by equipping your home to prevent home invasion. Discourage home invasions by being cautious and making a break-in more difficult. Have a plan in the case your home is invaded.

The best defense against a home invasion is careful planning.

You Will Need

* Solid doors
* Heavy duty door locks
* Window locks
* 4 3-inch screws per door
* A peephole
* A telephone

Step 1: Fit your home with safety features

Fit your home with solid doors, heavy duty locks, and window locks.

Step 2: Secure your lock plates

Secure the heavy duty lock plates in your doors with four three-inch screws.

Step 3: Keep doors and windows locked

Keep all doors, windows, and your garage locked at all times.

Do not keep a spare key over the door or under the door mat.
Step 4: Use the peephole

Look through the door's peephole before opening your door.
How To Prevent Home Invasions: Do not open the door for strangersStep 5: Do not open the door for strangers

Do not open the door to strangers or solicitors.

If your home is invaded, do not fight back unless your life is in danger. Cooperate and remain calm.

Step 6: Call the police

If someone at your door acts suspicious, call the police.

Robberies of U.S. homes rose 29 percent between 2000 and 2004, 9.7 percent in 2005, and 8 percent in 2006.

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