News: Make a lamp from a can of tunafish

Make a lamp from a can of tunafish

One can of tuna fish is as versatile as a Swiss army knife.

Just stock up on this stuff when traveling or camping.

Watch this tutorial. You can easily pull two hours of light from one can.

Look deeper into WonderHowTo. You can poach an egg in a can. You can make a spin top from it.

And if that does not work, you can eat it.

Make an emergency oil lamp from a can of tuna

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this cannot smell too good

i wonder how this dude with hairy arms thought to try this. It's a good idea though, but I dont know that the tuna is necessary. Wouldn't an oily string work about the same? If anyone knows hairy arms please have him contact me.

Ah, the hairy arms...

I'm not shaving them - that would be even more weird.

Good job hairy arms!

Never thought about it.

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